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Our aim is to provide a high quality Indian fine dining experience and takeaway service. Our food is freshly prepared using the freshest herbs combined with the best spices to create mouth watering food. We aim to deliver fine Indian food direct to your home.


Our dishes are made with your health in mind. We use modern as well as traditional methods of cooking i.e to bake and grill a tandoor oven is used, steaming and stir frying using minimum cholesterol free oil. Our dishes are free from artificial colourings and preservatives. We aim to provide a healthier way of eating Indian without compromising the taste.

Home Dining

All meals are served in our special airtight, leak proof re-usable and microwavable containers retaining heat for longer, so that you can enjoy your meal hot from our kitchen. Our aim is to provide a restaurant service to your doorstep starting from the moment you order online.

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